What are MyLushLashes

MyLushLashes are AFFORDABLE and DESIRABLE as extension DIY Eyelashes! Just cut the ribbon lash after removal from the tray to the size you want, apply under your own lashes using OUR UNIQUE BONDING GLUES, and you will have a set of very professional natural looking lashes that will stay on for between 5-10 days depending on glue used and application. When applied correctly, these can look extremely similar to eyelash extensions. The big difference with these, is that they can be applied in under ten minutes, they wear very naturally, and are reusable. All at a fraction of the cost of the salon applied extensions, and with out maintenance and down time. N.B. *** IMPORTANT *** STANDARD LASH GLUES DO NOT WORK WITH THESE LASHES, THESE ARE DIFFERENT TO STRIP LASHES, WHICH REQUIRE A SPECIFIC TYPE OF GLUE.

  • Mica - Portadown says

    Really easy to apply. The glue really holds, unlike others I've bought in the past. Highly recommend girls. Top class lashes and company.

  • Nadine, Newry

    My friend recommend these Lashes. Luv Luv them! Near the same as extensions, but on in 5 minutes. Would recommend.

  • Vicky says:

    Got a starter kit from Yolanda at Mylushlashes to try out. Have been wearing these ever since. Class, love them, Don't even know they are on.

  • Maria - Really Impressed

    Having got these from the start, they are the best lashes to wear, easy to apply and look fab. Highly recommend, cant tell the difference between these and extensions

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